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CLH Srl SB is a limited liability company established in 2019 with headquarters in Milan. The company operates in the corporate, secured non-performing loans market (NPL) as well as real estate through the purchase, sale and non-financial leasing of real estate properties & the purchase and management of mortgage loans.


High ethical standards are essential for the success of CLH Srl SB. In recognition of the company's fiduciary obligations to clients and the firm’s desire to maintain its high ethical standards, the company has adopted this Code of Ethics containing provisions designed to: (i) streamline internal relationships; (ii) define relations with the outside world; (iii) lay out controls and disciplinary sanctions. While it is impossible to define all situations that might pose a risk to CLH Srl SB, its employees or prospects; this Code of Ethics addresses those circumstances where such risks are likely to arise. Adherence to the Code of Ethics and the related restrictions are considered a basic condition of employment for employees and Access Persons (as applicable) of CLH Srl SB at large.


The company code of ethics is available for review below.

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